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The whole writing process can be used as an assessment, a performance product.  The answers are very clear.  Did my students understand the story?  Did they understand the bubble map?  Did they understand the assignment?  Were they able to perform the writing portion of the assignment?  Were they able to perform the oral part of the assignment?  At the end I have a product that I can use for a student's portfolio, documentation for concern/progress for parent conferences.  My students had fun today.  Several of the girls wrote about each other.  It was funny.

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  Performance Tasks: How did you do?
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Can we be Friends?

Unit 13: Let's Read and Write
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT to write an opinion sentence after listening to the story Jazzbo and Googy.

Big Idea: We all have best friends and that is exactly what Jazzbo and Googy become after their first day at school. We will write about our new friends.

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English / Language Arts, narrative, listening, storytelling
  45 minutes
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