Reflection: Intervention and Extension Mary Wore Her Red Dress - Section 2: Read the Story and Sing the Song


For my ELL students I need to make sure they Listen to the story, talk about the story, write about the story and read what they have written.  To accomplish this I need to engage my students in multiple activities that will help them learn the skills needed and in English.  I use a variety of strategies that I weave through my lesson to help with comprehension and vocabulary.  In this lesson I used the song to reinforce vocabulary and make it fun.  The circle map helps visualize the vocabulary being used.  The sentence frame give them the scaffolding they need to verbalize and write about the color of clothes.  Partner sharing and the oral presentations give them the practice they need in non threatening ways to strengthen their verbal skills.  The video reinforces the content and vocabulary.  My students had fun with this lesson.  They sang the song all day.

  let's do it some more.
  Intervention and Extension: let's do it some more.
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Mary Wore Her Red Dress

Unit 13: Let's Read and Write
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT will be able to write a personal narrative after listening to the story "Mary Wore a Red Dress".

Big Idea: Let's write about what we are wearing.

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English / Language Arts, narrative, listening, storytelling
  60 minutes
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