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After completing the lesson I looked over the data that was recorded on the sticky notes.  I found that the measurements for most of the stations were accurate.  The groups had close to the same totals.  However, there were two stations that stood out as needing reteaching, one due to a discrepancy on the unit of measure and the other due to not understanding how to use the tool properly.  I found that some of the groups measured with the grams side of the spring scale instead of the Newtons side.  I will need to readdress that in the following lesson.  When looking over the measurements for the measuring tape, I found that some measurements were off by as much as 9 cm.  That is a big discrepancy.  I did notice during observations that several groups did not understand if they measured from the top of the tape of the bottom so I believe I should explain to all students how to properly make our measurements so that everyone is measuring the same.  

One last observation that I will need to reiterate to the class, is the importance of putting your units of measure for every measurement.  I had some groups that put down only numbers, such as 101, but did not include a unit after it.  In science, it is very important to include all units of measure so that others know exactly what took place during the experiment or investigation.  

  Data gathered from exit tickets
  Exit Tickets: Data gathered from exit tickets
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Practice Using Science Tools

Unit 1: Scientists at Work
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate mastery of using science tools correctly.

Big Idea: Students rotate through six stations, in cooperative groups, to practice using science tools.

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Science, Scientific Method (Science Skills), tools, Cooperative Groups, engineering
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