Reflection: Modeling I don't Want to Go to School! - Section 3: Writing activity


It is important for me to model my expectations several times.  I was a little surprised how many did not glue their pictures in the right order.  I have more monolingual Spanish speaking students this year and they were just so excited to cut and glue and be done that they did not put the pictures in order.  I will have to model more.  I may even have to model it and then have them go to their tables and I do it with them under the document camera.  Maybe if I do it with them they will eventually understand.  It will take multiple opportunities for them to understand the expectations.

  Do it like this.
  Modeling: Do it like this.
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I don't Want to Go to School!

Unit 15: Let's Read and Write About Families
Lesson 10 of 11

Objective: The SWBAT orally retell the main idea of the story after listening to The Kissing Hand.

Big Idea: Let's read The Kissing Hand and take turns orally retelling the main idea to the class.

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