Reflection: Rigor Drill 1: We Read Like Readers AND Writers! Day 3 - Section 4: Practice


The kids really struggled with this today. We actually stopped after about 3 pages because they were having such a hard time. It was a great message though. By the end of the lesson, they knew they needed my help and we had great discussions about goals for the year and how I would work with them. They were excited about trying this again at the end of the year and one student even asked if we could try it in the middle of the year to see how far they get. It was a great opportunity to discuss that although we may not be good at something, that doesn't mean we get down on ourselves and think we'll never be good at it. That also gave me a quick moment to discuss pre-assessments and how we may not know the information, but it gives us a glance at what we want to work towards. I'm glad I cut the lesson short, because it was the prefect amount of struggle without getting them too frustrated. This led to some amazing goals being set by my kiddos. 

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Drill 1: We Read Like Readers AND Writers! Day 3

Unit 1: Back-to-School Boot Camp
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT practice reading like writer.

Big Idea: Writers read to evaluate an author's craft.

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