Reflection: Rigor Drill 1: We Read Like Readers AND Writers! Day 2 - Section 5: Closure


Based on my students thoughts, this is definitely new to them. We'll be spending a lot of time thinking while reading and jotting those thoughts down. That will happen when we close read, when I model instruction and other numerous times throughout the year, so I'm not worried. The common core really allows us to let the kids dig deep and I think it's so important to push this idea. One conversation sparked today during this share out and it revolved around reading long pieces and not remembering a work they just read. We've all been there. I tried to really emphasize that once we make a point to follow these strategies WHILE reading, we train ourselves to do it naturally or notice that we've already been doing it. That realization can be so powerful. 

Also, the evaluate came up a lot from the kids. This is hard. I think as they practice thinking about the author's craft more often, this will also become easier. 

  Lots of work to do this year
  Rigor: Lots of work to do this year
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Drill 1: We Read Like Readers AND Writers! Day 2

Unit 1: Back-to-School Boot Camp
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Objective: SWBAT try out the skills that readers use to read like a reader.

Big Idea: Are you digging deep enough into the text? To get through this year, you'll need to practice these skills every time you read.

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