Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Investigating What We Cannot See - Section 5: Comparing Between Groups


My students really wanted me to tell them if their predictions about the inside of the black boxes were "right" or if they had, indeed, found their match.  I stand by my decision not to give them immediate confirmation about their answers.  One thing that science researchers learn early on is that we do not always have an explanation for the data we collect.  We also know that even when our conclusions match collected data, often there is no way to confirm that our conclusions are correct.  This can be an uncomfortable idea for students to grapple with.  I want my students to understand that in science we use data and observations as evidence to make conclusions without knowing at times if our conclusions or explanations are actually conclusively correct.  

  NOT Giving the Right Answers
  Student Led Inquiry: NOT Giving the Right Answers
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Investigating What We Cannot See

Unit 1: Atomic Structure & the Periodic Table
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Objective: SWBAT make inferences as to the contents of a "black box" based on observations they make.

Big Idea: In chemistry, often we are observing results of reactions and then making inferences.

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