Reflection: Student Grouping Day 5: Looking At A New Plant - Section 3: Creating the 5th Entry


There are two items that I want to highlight here.

1. I am purposefully having students start observing and documenting for ten minutes, bringing them back together, and then having them go back to observing.  This way students can start on their own, gather to see how others are documenting their observations, and then head back to continue working.  The idea will be that they learn from act other and try to incorporate others' ideas into their own work.

2.  Since this is an introductory unit and is establishing what science discussions will look and sound like, I want to create a formality with the chairs.  I am asking them to sit in a circle to establish that this is an important conversation that will require participation, learning, and engagement.  

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Day 5: Looking At A New Plant

Unit 1: Writing Like A Scientist
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast two different plants and their structures. SWBAT develop strategies to record information n two different objects.

Big Idea: Students will be given a new plant and asked to compare it to their original plant and record their observations in their science journals.

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Science, observations, science notebooks
  62 minutes
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