Reflection: Continuous Assessment Writing a Predictable Chart to Teach "I Can" Statements - Section 2: Procedure


Because of the newness of the school experience for kindergarten students, I begin the year with very simple "I Can" statements, especially in the work stations.  As the children adjust and develop better reading and working skills, I will either add to the existing "I Can" signs or create new signs.  Whenever I make changes to the signs, I have to be sure to introduce the changes and review the old objectives with my class.  This keeps them accountable to meeting the objectives.

  Adding and Improving
  Continuous Assessment: Adding and Improving
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Writing a Predictable Chart to Teach "I Can" Statements

Unit 12: Beginning Literacy
Lesson 14 of 16

Objective: SWBAT develop an understanding that the written word has meaning and that they can become authors. Student Objective: I can dictate a sentence and have it added to a story for me to read.

Big Idea: Creating predictable charts can contribute to the reading, writing and speaking development of a young child.

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