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One of the most challenging things in a classroom can be teaching to all of the learners in our diverse culture. I want to make sure all of my students can justify their conclusions, evaluate others, and explain themselves.  This is one reason I love to engage a class in discussion, and peer evaluation. You never know what or who is going to comment. Yes, the students frequently forget what they were going to say, but they make some very insightful and critical thinking comments. So, I think I am trying to say that we can never underestimate the critical thinking skills of all learners in the classroom. I just have to offer support to help everyone express their conclusions or thoughts clearly. I especially challenge my students with special needs to participate: modeling and leading students in their presentation, discuss, and when they do I often offer support. So, I may say, "So, what you are saying is that the shark may break the bars." I do this to confirm what I am hearing, but I also want the rest of the class to understand what the person said. It was in this lesson a child begins commenting and it seems completely off topic, but in his mind he is evaluating the persons work. Since we are in August, and I am developing a culture that supports evaluation, I ask the child a question after he comments. I say, "So, do you think her design will work and why?" I just bring it back to the topic. Eventually the students develop the skill of directly answering my questions, but it takes some guidance. By offering the guidance in an appreciative and respectful manner the students remain confident and encouraged to participate.

  Students with Disabilities: Differentiation
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Camo Benefits

Unit 1: Similarities in Animals
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: SWBAT create a camouflage design to protect an animal of their choice from danger.

Big Idea: Use previous work to create a camouflage mechanism to protect an animal of their choice.

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