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The STEM Report used in the lesson is a highly technical report to Congress. The goal should change for the lower readers. I have used articles highlighting social science issues for the lower readers. I look for the same information, charts and statistics. NASA has a great global warming article with lots of graphs that are easier to read. Teens and Technology is a great reference for statistics. USA Today has an article with statistics about teens and stress. Getting students accustomed to looking for information can be completed in a variety of reading materials containing graphs and statistics. 

  Adapting Technical Information for Special Needs Population
  ELL Students: Adapting Technical Information for Special Needs Population
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Reading a Technical Report

Unit 1: Exploring Engineers and the Design Process
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT distinguish the differences between a technical report and an expository writing piece.

Big Idea: 21st Century Learning includes the skill of reading reports for information and directions. This lesson gives students their first experience in reading technical reports.

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