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This lesson starts on my first day of school. My strategy sets the stage for the entire year. Most students sit through hours of the same rules. I look at the first day of school as an opportunity to celebrate the student achievement and report the wonderful things previous teachers said about them. By announcing their achievements the first day, I promote high expectations for the year. In addition, extolling virtues brings on the smiles.  It just feels good to tell them, before you really know them, that they are great. In my movie I am letting them know how I feel. 

  First Day of School
  Classroom Setup: First Day of School
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Dream Invention

Unit 1: Exploring Engineers and the Design Process
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use the design process to dream up an original invention or innovation and create a persuasive poster to sell it.

Big Idea: If your students could invent anything, what steps would they need to invent it? Take a look at how inventors dream up the future and then make it happen.

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