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 Although the children were able to compare and match rhyming words fairly well, the challenge for my students was the drawing of the pictures on the cards.  For some children they really didn't know how to illustrate the word they had been given.  Some children did not have the skills to draw a picture that clearly represented their word, so that when they needed to recall their word for the song, they couldn't remember or tell from their illustration what their word card said.  We need some direct instruction for how to draw and more practice drawing.  This is one of those areas where it really hurts not to have an art program in our school due to budget cuts.

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Down By the Bay--Hey, It's Rhyming Day!

Unit 2: Beginning Literacy
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT supply a rhyme to the words given by the teacher. Student Objective: I can rhyme two words in the song "Down By the Bay".

Big Idea: Learning to rhyme builds foundations in reading and language development; it is fun, as well as teaches that language has patterns and structures.

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