Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge The New Colossus: Our Beacon to Immigrants - Section 4: Closing the Loop


I debated with the creation of this lesson how to get students to build understanding of the symbolization of the statue of Liberty. I realized that they didn't really know the why and how of her meaning when we reviewed the lesson on patriotic songs. While researching I came upon the Colossus of Rhodes information and knew that this would let me tie their prior years knowledge of America's landmarks and monuments to our current studies of mythology to create a deeper meaning and increase their interest in the learning.

This lesson did just that because their buy-in helped them to put greater effort into deciphering the meaning of the poem. Completing and "re-building" it as a class helped all to feel able to comprehend it because they could reply to the sections they knew and learn from others on the sections they didn't.

My only concern is that it didn't give them the opportunity to demonstrate independent understanding so I am going to have to look very carefully at their exit ticket responses to identify any areas of misconception.   

  Connecting to what they know
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Connecting to what they know
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The New Colossus: Our Beacon to Immigrants

Unit 16: Poems Everyone can TRY
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Objective: and contrast the Statue of Liberty and the Colossus of Rhodes to determine the symbolization of Motherhood, Light and Immigrants and the overall theme of "The New Colossus" poem.

Big Idea: Our Statue of Liberty is a symbol for the welcoming attitude our forefathers established for our United States. Poetry is one way for us to express our agreement with these beliefs.

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