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This lesson went well but due to timing constraints for lunch, I had to stop student learning right when it was getting into the "good conversation" time. For me that's the hardest time to stop because I realize that the discourse will likely not be reenacted the next day wehn we take up the learning again.

For this lesson it could have stemmed from two things - lower understanding of the text structure components than I had anticipated (only a few responses with questioning and I had to prompt with ideas for the connections to be made) which created the need to adjust the first part of my lesson to a longer time frame, and the lower motivation of students at the onset of the lesson because it followed so closely to our testing days (mental fatigue). So many facets to consider when teaching - I guess that's what makes our jobs so exciting. I'm planning on reviewing the posters that I will keep posted in the classroom in my smaller guided reading groups and to come back to the structure components during the year as we read books to reinforce the learning. Getting back their great conversations - that part isn't as easy but having them share aloud what they did, how they worked as teams and the problems and solutions they used will help to get some of the discourse back into the room 

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Because, Although, After - Each Writing Has a Structure and a Purpose

Unit 14: Writers Structure Their Text With a Purpose in Mind
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Objective: SWBAT...identify, classify and evaluate cause/effect, problem/solution, sequential/ chronological order, by comparing and contrasting text structures in nonfiction books and passages.

Big Idea: When we know the purpose of the different text structures we can write in the best format to attract our intended audiences. Understanding the "how" and "why" of other author's writing - helps us to do the same with our writing.

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