Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines What Happens When You See A Bird on Your Walk? - Section 4: Closing the Loop


Ok, my original goal of having them grasp the connection to science was not met. Students understood that animals feared humans, and feared them for some good reasons...but they didn't connect that the author was trying to teach them to respect nature and its ecosystem ijn which we live. I wanted them to realize that man was invading animals habitat, not the other way around. 

I decide that I needed to reinforce this in a conceptual way in science by completing our garden visit and discussing how "man" might damage the natural habitat we viewed. If you do not have this type of garden area, then I would suggest bringing in articles regarding habitat destruction to help students connect back to the lesson being taught in this poem.

  Adapting lessons to meet goals
  Writing Across the Disciplines: Adapting lessons to meet goals
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What Happens When You See A Bird on Your Walk?

Unit 16: Poems Everyone can TRY
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: SWBAT...analyze and chart characteristics and descriptions used by Emily Dickinson in the poem "A Bird Came Down the Walk"

Big Idea: Poets use fewer words so each word needs to be chosen carefully because it has a purpose for the readers. We will create a story line from the events in each stanza of this poem to learn the reactions and the outcome.

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