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My students struggled with the understanding of the deeper meaning in the poetry - specifically that words can hurt more than actions. This surprised me because I felt that with all their tattling at recess and free choice times they would make the connection.

I reviewed their responses and was glad to read that it was not so much that they didn't get the concept but actually that they didn't understand the way the question was being asked. When I spoke with them in small or individual groups they could relate that the words were hurtful when and if stated. When I asked about the questioning on the worksheet and we were  able to discuss it, they could respond with this same connection. This is a good realization because it changes the focus of my follow-up lessons from reteaching the lesson, to teaching how to break down test-talk to learn what is being asked of them.   

  Understanding the deeper meaning in poetry
  Complex Tasks: Understanding the deeper meaning in poetry
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Words - Words - Words - How Many Ways Can We Describe Words?

Unit 16: Poems Everyone can TRY
Lesson 10 of 12

Objective: SWBAT...define the main ideas in the poems "Ripples" and "Words" to identify the theme and author's lesson in the poems.

Big Idea: Words can be used to help or to harm so we need to use them with care.

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