Reflection: Transitions Why Is The Process of Science Important? - Section 2: Ready. Set. Engage!


More and more I find that the transition to class is invaluable in setting up the atmosphere you want.  If you hand outside telling jokes to the kids and goofing may be building relationships or being the "fun" teacher, but it might be causing the students to mirror that behavior in the classroom.  As I stand outside my room welcoming students, I am making sure to portray a kind, helpful person who is happy to see them, but I'm also stressing that they need to get started on the learning.  This is paying off for me.  It is the third day of school this year and when the bell rang I had 100% of the students in their seat doing the warm-up and ready to go.  

  Transitioning to class
  Transitions: Transitioning to class
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Why Is The Process of Science Important?

Unit 1: The W's of Science
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: Students understand the important aspects of science experimentation and why they make scientific findings believable.

Big Idea: The process of doing science is as important as the results you get.

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Science, Classroom Culture and Climate, shared reading, writing to learn, writing to think
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