Reflection: Performance Tasks Nature's Fury: Performance Task - Final day - Section 3: Independent Practice


During the performance task, it is important to set very CLEAR expectations about how scholars should complete their work.  Since I am pulling students to work on running records at this time, it is imperative that our room is silent so that I can hear students as they read out loud.  I set very clear expectations before we go into independent practice that the room is silent. Scholars get one reminder, then are moved if they talk.  Being consistent and setting the expectation before we begin takes care of 99% of any issues.  

Also, I explicitly teach scholars that if they need to use the restroom, get water or get a tissue, they use a non-verbal signal.  This way, scholars can still meet their needs while I am able to listen to each scholar read out loud.   

  Set clear expectations
  Performance Tasks: Set clear expectations
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Nature's Fury: Performance Task - Final day

Unit 7: Nature's Fury - Part III
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Objective: SWBAT edit & publish narrative writing by using sensory details.

Big Idea: Let's make our writing more interesting & descriptive!

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