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No routine taught properly ever happens quickly.  When I teach the children how to use the equipment for Listening-to-reading, there are always a few minor incidents: machines need batteries, the cassettes and the books don't match, the server is down for the computers, etc. So as I try to get my small group time established, there are more interruptions than work being done.  This is why I set up the signal of the star light and the "Repair Station"  basket for "broken" equipment. Standing my ground about interruptions after a few days adjustment, let's the class understand my expectations better, and everyone is more productive.  Reflections on Listen-to-reading

  Routines and Procedures: Working the kinks out
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Listening to Reading Sounds Great!

Unit 12: Beginning Literacy
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate different methods of listening to reading and utilize the technology in the classroom in order to do so. Student Objective: I can listen to reading to help me become a better reader.

Big Idea: Listening to well-modeled reading helps develop better reading skills.

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