Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Caine's Arcade: A Classroom Maker's Faire Day (Day 2 of 2) - Section 2: The Classroom Flow: Makers, makers everywhere!


For me as a teacher, informally pointing out the iterative process student groups went through in order to create their product is really important.  Often, students are surprised at how captivated they were by their self-imposed repetitive tasks.  In the future, I can see myself formalizing this conversation more by having students write about the iterative process contained in their arcade game making.  I could also image myself creating a more formal brainstorm document for students to hand in as evidence of their thinking and planning.  

When I originally designed this lesson, I was focusing solely on the constructing/making experience, something my students have very little experience with in the classroom.  However, now I can see that I could easily integrate Common Core writing as well by asking students to reflect upon their experiences with the engineering design process of Day 2 and compare them to their original brainstorming plan from Day 1 as a way of getting at a personal connection to and clear understanding of the iterative nature of engineering.    

If you find that students are particularly intrigued by Caine's story, the Caine's arcade website goes even further in terms of the community connection and is something you and your students may want to explore as a group or on an individual basis.  

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  Adjustments to Practice: Expanding This Lesson
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Caine's Arcade: A Classroom Maker's Faire Day (Day 2 of 2)

Unit 2: Unit 2: The Science of Biology
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: Students will investigate the processes and purposes of engineering in order to create a cardboard arcade game to use for a class unit review activity.

Big Idea: Use student imagined and constructed arcade games for a class unit review activity!

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Science, Biology / Life Science, engineering, scientific inquiry, Life Science/Biology, Graphing, bioengineering
  50 minutes
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