Reflection: Checks for Understanding What is Science? - Section 7: Closure


The video shows how three students responded to the question, "How is a fortune cookie not an example of science."  This video gives insight into the power of questioning students and listening to their answers.  Only the last student in the video gave an answer using information learned in class today.  The others gave the same answers that they did at the beginning of class.  The first student has a slight misconception that science is about facts.  This might be less of a misconception and more of a result of a focus in earlier classes on learning facts.  She is going to benefit from being moved from thinking science is facts to science is thinking about what we can actually "know".  The second student's answer showed that the question lacked clarity.  Several kids today wanted to tell me about making the cookies...they weren't considering the fortune part of it.  A better question would have been, "Is there science behind the fortunes inside a fortune cookie."  The third student understood the meaning behind the question and was able to answer using information learned in class that day.  

  Students answers and reflection
  Checks for Understanding: Students Answers and Reflection
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What is Science?

Unit 1: The W's of Science
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: Students understand the major characteristics of science.

Big Idea: Fortune cookies are not based on real science!

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