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One of the aspects of this story that might cause confusion is the food.  I tried not emphasize the food when asking my students to make inferences, partly because Australian food is unfamiliar to me and partly because I did not think there was enough information in the story to make an inference as to what the food was.  My students were able to understand that the food was important, but they did not know what foods the author was talking about.  I anticipated my students might ask, ‘What is a ___?”  Being honest, I asked the same question.  So, in the end, to nip the confusion in the bud, I created the PowerPoint to give a little background information and to let my students know the food names might sound ‘different,’ but the pictures looked really yummy.

  Australian Food
  Lesson Planning: Australian Food
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Making Logical Inferences

Unit 10: Predict, Infer, and Conclude
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT make logical inferences based on text evidence about the changes in the characters, setting, problem, or solution.

Big Idea: You've laid the foundation with simple inferencing. Now get your students to 'evolve' by making logical inferences about the characters, plot, and setting with this lesson.

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