Reflection: Reading and Chunking to Analyze Details and Theme - Section 2: Building Knowledge


On the upper corner of the student's first page of the story illustrating his drawing of the setting, you'll see a "green dot."  I call this my "green dot" engagement strategy.  I've shared this with several teachers who are having difficulty getting students started on a task and maintaining  momentum.  Simply,  I move around the class with my green magic marker and put a green dot next to the question they are answering.  I tell my students that if they get a green dot they are on their way to an "A" for this activity.  It is not unusual to hear a student call out my name because I forgot to give him or her their green dot. I use this intermittently throughout the week especially when I feel I need something extra to get them on task.  Students like to be caught doing the "right thing."

  Green Dot
  Green Dot
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Reading and Chunking to Analyze Details and Theme

Unit 3: Short Fiction: Back to Basics
Lesson 8 of 12

Objective: SWBAT analyze the theme which develops over the course of the story "The Sniper," by "chunking" theme, plot, and characterization.

Big Idea: How students benefit from "chunking" their reading into smaller bits of information.

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English / Language Arts, Short Stories, theme, characterization
  75 minutes
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