Reflection: Intervention and Extension Vectors in Physics - Section 3: Vector Practice with a Treasure Hunt


Sometimes as an extra credit opportunity I offer students the ability to actually make a treasure hunt.  The students must make a detailed list like the one in my activity sheet and get an actual treasure to put at the end point.  Then, students must come in before or after school, provide me the map, and give me a chance to hunt for treasure.  

This might be a more appropriate activity for lower levels of physics, but my AP students have been super creative and embraced the opportunity.  Last year I had a group of students that made a map to the room across the hall, but they lead me all over campus first thing in the morning.  Luckily, my treasure was a latte from Starbucks!

  Extra Credit Opportunity
  Intervention and Extension: Extra Credit Opportunity
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Vectors in Physics

Unit 2: 2-D Kinematics
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to find the components, magnitude, and direction of resultant vectors.

Big Idea: A review of vectors kicks off a unit on projectile motion!

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Science, Physical Science, AP Physics, vector, Projectile Motion, vector
  50 minutes
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