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I think that simply filling out a questionnaire is a little dry, and I've been looking for ways to mix up this activity. I noticed that Amy Coughanor does something really interesting when she is going over expectations with her students in this lesson: Setting Expectations.

At my school, we have to go over expectations in a slightly different way, but I loved her idea of posting different questions around the room on anchor charts. I was thinking I could post the Questionnaire questions all around the room and conduct a similar lesson as Amy, by having kids answer some of these questions on Post-It Notes, and then posting them on anchor charts for kids to read.

  Mixing it up
  Adjustments to Practice: Mixing it up
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So Scheduled!

Unit 1: Reader's & Writer's Workshop: The Launch
Lesson 2 of 13

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast their first day of school experience to a fictionalized version.

Big Idea: Getting used to the idea of a "schedule" through literature!

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English / Language Arts, reading , writing, workshop
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