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Paired reading is a research-based fluency strategy used with readers who lack fluency and comprehension skills which many of my students do.  I like using this strategy because it teaches them skills they are weak in which include students working together, encouraging cooperation, and peer-assisted learning.

Each day I use this strategy I feel some students are beginning to get it by following the procedure but others still resist reading with a partner or have difficulty sustaining the reading for a long period of time. Understanding that many of them are struggling readers and normally feel reading is "not what I do" this activity will take time to become a routine in my class.  I'm thinking it may be best to "chunck" this activity as well with reading a loud to them and asking them to read passages independently.

  Paired Reading
  Student Grouping: Paired Reading
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Reading and Chunking to Analyze Details and Theme

Unit 3: Short Fiction: Back to Basics
Lesson 8 of 12

Objective: SWBAT analyze the theme which develops over the course of the story "The Sniper," by "chunking" theme, plot, and characterization.

Big Idea: How students benefit from "chunking" their reading into smaller bits of information.

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English / Language Arts, Short Stories, theme, characterization
  75 minutes
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