Reflection: Trust and Respect Welcome to Chemistry - Section 5: Ice Breaker


Every class is a little different, and this lesson proved it.  While getting to know each other to build an environment of trust is crucial, so is respecting student emotions.  Day one fell on a Friday in our school calendar, and in each chemistry class I had to make a decision at the end: is there enough time to write out Three Truths and a Lie or are the students done? 

My first class had time, but I didn't model mine before having them write, as a result, I'll need to have them re-do it to remove physical descriptions.  This example shows a really good set on the top, and a bottom that has some things that would be clear to anyone looking at the student.  My third class completed the full lesson plan, including good 3T&AL, but didn't get to share, so that will begin the next class.

My second and fourth classes took a little longer in the lab.  They also had the body language of a group that was ready to be done with the day, so rather than push through the activity, I chose to just hold it for Monday morning.  Hopefully students will have a little more energy at the start of the period and be ready to keep building our class culture.

  Trust and Respect: Timing
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Welcome to Chemistry

Unit 1: Atomic Structure
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Objective: SWBAT follow lab directions, measure accurately and work safely in a lab environment

Big Idea: Defeat the tedium of day 1 syllabus review and get students excited for science.

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