Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Writing a Lab Report: (The Scientific Method in Action part 3) - Section 3: Writing the Lab Report


Depending on the time you want to devote to this activity, you may also want to connect this back to the hook of the initial experimental design, the question of drunk driving and BAC laws.  In this case, this resource contains some potential follow-up questions and a possible position paper where students could use the data as evidence to support a policy position.

However, since we will definitely be writing policy papers that are content knowledge dependent later in the course, I would likely make this an extra credit or honors assignment at this point.  

  Problem-based Approaches: Using Data to Support a Policy
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Writing a Lab Report: (The Scientific Method in Action part 3)

Unit 1: The Nature of Science
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: Students analyze data collected during an experiment and determine whether their hypothesis was true or false.

Big Idea: Scientific isn't a "Correct Hypothesis Contest". Scientific conclusions are determined by careful review of evidence, not by "cherry picking" the evidence that supports a predetermined conclusion.

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