Reflection: Lesson Planning The Bet, Part 2 - Day 2 - Section 1: Working in Stations, Day 2


Every teacher I know has the same problem: timing.

First, there is "teacher" time, which is based on how much time something should take.  And then there's student much it actually does take.  Teacher time is not like GMT -- it's not a standard everyone follows.  When planning, we often forget about transition time, getting our notebooks time, our pens ran out of ink time, and I have to go to the bathroom...wait, me too...time.)  Teacher time exists in the bubble.

The fact is that our planned time is just an estimate.  In a perfect world,  it would be accurate every day.  For me, I am lucky if I get it right half the time.

This activity -- 5 stations at 15 minutes a piece -- should take about 80 minutes.  In reality, it took about 100-110.  The transitions took a while, especially at first.  And I had to add in an extra rotation for students to finish up anything they needed to do at any given station(s.)

The stations ran beautifully, for the most part.  A few kids finished routinely early, except for the vocab section, but that's life.  And I think they really enjoyed the enrichment articles.'s all relative...
  Lesson Planning:'s all relative...
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The Bet, Part 2 - Day 2

Unit 7: Short Stories, Plays, and Elements of Fiction
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT will continue work with nonfiction texts and complete enrichment activities in order to build a greater understanding of the complex text, "The Bet" by Anton Chekhov.

Big Idea: Connections across texts and time periods enrich the reader's just takes more than a class period sometimes :)

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English / Language Arts, informational text, making connections
  60 minutes
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