Reflection: Accountability Game Day! Review Day! - Section 2: Using the 24 cards for practicing division


One of the joy's of this lesson is watching student's collaborate and ask questions. This game allows questions and mistakes to surface because they have to hold each other accountable for their answers. Therefore we see questions arise and misconceptions caught by one another. The students in my class gain great strides when they learn from another classmate. They remember by doing and by experiencing. As I roved the classroom, I could see excellent understanding, partial understanding and a few in distress. But, when we were done, I could be rest assured that mastering this standard was at least at 90%. I expect good test results in for this standard.

Prior to CCSS, at least 25 % of my fourth graders had not mastered a standard division algorithm because developmentally, they weren't ready. The rectangular sections method deepens the conceptual understanding so well that soon they will be playing the Greatest Quotient Game using a standard algorithm!

  Accountability: Student's support each other's learning.
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Game Day! Review Day!

Unit 9: Division Unit
Lesson 16 of 21

Objective: SWBAT show that they understand division processes using a game to help them.

Big Idea: Students play number games to help them with fluency in division using the game 24 a little differently!

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the box method
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