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When I teach this lesson, it makes me think of my son, coming from his first day of library while in first grade.  He was so proud as he paraded into the kitchen with a Harry Potter book.  I asked him about his book choice and said he wanted to read it, and I told him that I did not think it was appropriate for his age.  He pleaded, "I can read all the words!"  Which was probably very true since he was reading above grade level, but I had not even read the book yet, and I thought the content might be above his head.  So I told him to take it back to the library and make another choice.  Sometimes we need to make judgement calls about what our children read based on what we know about our kids, and I mean our kids at school, too.  Being able to read the words does not always mean they can understand the content. 

Two years later, I bought my son a copy of the Sorcerer's Stone and we shared it. My choice earlier to choose another book did not keep him from being a voracious reader.

  If I can read it, is it just right?
  Relevance: If I can read it, is it just right?
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I Can Pick My Own Books

Unit 12: Beginning Literacy
Lesson 4 of 16

Objective: SWBAT decide which books are best suited to their interests and reading levels. Student Objective: I can pick "good fit" books for myself.

Big Idea: Teaching children how to pick out best-fit books increases their willingness to read.

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