Reflection: Lesson Planning Creating Rules For Writing and Ignoring The Censor - Section 1: Class Reading: What Gets In The Way Of Writing?


Since it's early in the year, it's incredibly important to think of timing. I know I struggle with that myself when school starts. There is so much energy in the room, both from students and from myself, that I want to hold on to that energy. A lesson like this can definitely be broken up into two different lessons and, if they are, timing is crucial to the success of them.

When we have classes of varied abilities and varied work ethic, we are going to get students who finish writing in five minutes and some students who take five minutes to think of their first sentence. In order for these activities to be successful students need to write and they need to write reflectively. Keep an eye on students as they are writing to make sure they are fully immerse in the task. If they are and they are getting something out of it, it's okay to break this lesson into days. There's a very fine line between rushing a lesson and realizing when students are done. Assessing the students as they are working will give the answer to how much time to devote to student writing. The assessment is informal and does not have to take hours to complete. After I complete some writing of my own, I walk around the class to see how students are doing. If those pens are going and they are working towards an end product, I have no problem giving them more time to write.

  Lesson Planning: Timing
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Creating Rules For Writing and Ignoring The Censor

Unit 1: Welcome To 8th Grade Language Arts
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT create rules for daily writing.

Big Idea: We are our worst critics: learning how to ignore the voice of self-doubt as we write.

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