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I have gathered all sorts of tote bags and backpacks for my students to take books home to share.  Each bag has a book, letter and word cards for at-home practice (depending upon the individual levels of the children), an activity and a response page.  The trick is teaching the responsibility piece so that children will have the opportunity to take another bag home. Throughout the year, my students will have multiple opportunities to take books home, but they cannot have another one until the previous one comes back.  I send a note home to parents instructing them on how to use the books and the responsibilities that come with borrowing books.  The parents are asked to sign the note like a contract to help their children stay on track with the bringing the materials back for someone else to have a turn.  I tell the students that it is not their parent's responsibility to remember to bring the books back, but the child's.

  Shared Expectations: "Take-home" Books
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One More Lesson About Caring for Books

Unit 12: Beginning Literacy
Lesson 3 of 16

Objective: SWBAT recall details from a story to demonstrate the proper handling of a book. Student objective: I can show how to handle a book with care.

Big Idea: Taking proper care of books prolongs their "shelf life"!

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