Reflection: ELL Students Observing Kangaroo Behavior - Section 4: Explanation


There are a couple ways I realized early on in this lesson that I needed to add some scaffolding. I always for get how dependent first graders are in the beginning, because they leave me very independent. I needed to create a word wall, because they cannot spell most of the vocabulary we are learning. 

I also found that I needed to model writing and I use a high lighter to do this. So, I write and the student traces: modified work over my handwriting. This makes it easier for the students that are struggling with handwriting to participate.

  ELL Students: Differentiation
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Observing Kangaroo Behavior

Unit 1: Similarities in Animals
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT collect data from observations regarding how kangaroo defend themselves.

Big Idea: Dig a little deeper by watching live videos and making observations of how kangaroos defend themselves.

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