Reflection: Routines and Procedures Setting Up The Notebook and Reading/Writing Survey - Section 1: Explaining The Notebook


I'd be surprised to find a teacher who says that organization, in any aspect, is not important. Sure there are students who can be considered absent minded professors and are brilliant, but the bottom line in a school setting when we have so many students we need some sort of organization for them. The notebook helps with that. While the goal of the notebook is really to improve their reading and writing, it becomes a lesson in organization as well as they need to keep track of a lot independently throughout the entire year. It's surprising to see who can rise to that occasion and who needs to replace their notebook multiple times.

The tricky part of this lesson for me is always time. I can never quite judge how much is too much time. There have been years where it has taken us a few days just to set up the notebook. It seems as though that is too much time. I agree. It can be. When that happens, I have to take a step back and think if, by spending a few days to do this, will it help my students in the long run. Usually the answer is yes. If I can give up a little extra time so students can begin to organize their notebook, they will benefit in the long run.

  How much time is too much time?
  Routines and Procedures: How much time is too much time?
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Setting Up The Notebook and Reading/Writing Survey

Unit 1: Welcome To 8th Grade Language Arts
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT organize their reading and writing notebooks.

Big Idea: There are so many sections, but they are all important: Using the notebook to promote organization in reading and writing.

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