Reflection: Modeling Immigration Week Lesson Four of Six - Section 4: Read Aloud: Dreaming of America


I often use read-alouds to model skills and tasks.  I use shorter books during our shared reading block that have to do with the topics, theme, or author of our shared text.  In this particular week, I chose the Eve Bunting story Dreaming of America:  An Ellis Island Story because it's also a historical fiction immigration story, like the books my students will be reading this week.  The story is about the first immigrant, Annie Moore, that came through Ellis Island.  The students enjoyed this story, and I'll definitely use it to model with again next year.

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Immigration Week Lesson Four of Six

Unit 4: The People, The Preamble, and the Presidents ELA Government Unit
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT read an informational text, and sequence a process in chronological order. SWBAT read a historical fiction text answering questions and completing a character analysis to show evidence of comprehension.

Big Idea: The students continue to read an informational book about Ellis Island, but also "pair" it with a historical fiction selection about a character who immigrates to America.

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English / Language Arts, Literature, character trait, character emotion, evidence (Composition Basics), historical fiction, informational text, chronological order, note taking, sequencing details, pair, immigration, a and b questions
  42 minutes
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