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I constantly second guess the set up for the first day thinking that it's not the best way to start the class. If I'm honest, It took me a few years to figure out what the best way to begin the year would be. There are some fantastic ways to begin the year. Some teachers use a lot of video, music, and technology to hook the students into the year. I've seen other teachers would play interactive games to get students involved. That works for them, but for me I like to keep it simple. If I was to have a rather involved lesson plan I would probably be more anxious that I already am.

It's important to start the year on a positive note. No matter the set-up for the first day, the transition from summer to school needs to be an easy one for both student and teacher. The stress level is high to begin with, so make it easy on both of you.

A lesson like this helps me to get to know the students, and also helps the students get to know me and the classroom. Both are crucial for a first day back.

  First Day Jitters
  Classroom Setup: First Day Jitters
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Welcome To 8th Grade Language Arts

Unit 1: Welcome To 8th Grade Language Arts
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT understand the basics of the eighth grade english class including major requirements.

Big Idea: Welcome! Let's review the syllabus and more fun-filled opening day activities.

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