Reflection: Gradual Release Outline Essay on Identity - Section 3: Writing a Stronger Thesis


As students expressed strong responses for and against a uniform policy and the death penalty, they seemed to clearly understand the point I tried to get across regarding what qualifies as an arguable thesis. Still, to turn around and formulate an arguable thesis of their own is a different story. At this point, I made sure to emphasize the importance of spending time at home working on this because class time is not going to be enough to do what is expected. I expect that we will have to work more on strengthening their central argument, but I feel that the work today established a good foundation. The sample thesis statements I attached include some of the stronger thesis statements I saw in the stack of outlines. The first three statements are establishing a clear perspective, such as the second statements that asserts Identity is the most powerful thin you can ever have. They are also clearly written and are arguable. The third one for example needs to prove that Identity is the "only way are different from everybody else." The last two statements need more work. It is difficult to figure out exactly what they are trying to say. There are several students in my class who are struggling to formulate a clear, arguable statement about Identity, like these two students. I'll need to work with them more closely. I will also need to include multiple opportunities during the school year for students to practice this skill.

  Learning To Formulate Strong Arguments
  Gradual Release: Learning To Formulate Strong Arguments
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Outline Essay on Identity

Unit 7: Synthesis Essay on Identity
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT establish strong claims, setting the foundation for a strong essay, by planning ideas in an outline and examining samples of strong thesis statements.

Big Idea: In a synthesis essay, students are pulling from a variety of perspectives to answer student-generated questions.

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English / Language Arts, Writing Process, model writing, argument, analysis
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