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While as adults, we view the setting up of addition and subtraction problems to 10 as a simple task, it is very complex in the minds of young children. To be able to between the different signs and the difference in setting up addition and subtraction problems can be confusing and frustrating for the little ones. Taking small steps and filling in "holes" in their thinking through activities like this one help solidify their understanding of how numbers work.

As children progress through school, the kids we see having the most trouble in math are the ones who lack a solid foundation in number sense. This lesson is a way to help to develop that number sense before it becomes too challenging of a concept for them.

  This is a complex task for kinders
  Complex Tasks: This is a complex task for kinders
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Roll a Problem (Part 1)

Unit 15: Add It or Subtract It?
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT identify a addition or subtraction sign and set up, record and solve an equation by rolling a set of dice.

Big Idea: Kinders need a firm conceptual understanding of addition and subtraction. This activity helps them know the difference in setting up and solving addition and subtraction equations.

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