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When my student commented in the closure about how his partner coached him to be successful while doing the activity, I realized that student coaching is the ultimate in ownership. If a student can take what they've learned and teach it to another child, then that child has become the owner of that skill. The child learning from the student coach will benefit in many ways. One, they are hearing instruction from a peer which is sometimes easier for a child to perceive. Two, their guard and fear of failure is lowered when the students coach each other.

The only caution I would heed here is this: make sure the student coach actually owns and understands the information he or she is sharing at a high level. The last thing you want in your classroom is a student coaching other kids incorrectly. That can cause a mess that is very hard to fix.

  Student Ownership: Students supporting each other is a sign of ownership
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Hopping Up & Down the Number Line

Unit 15: Add It or Subtract It?
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT identify the subtraction and addition sign and understand their function by hopping a bunny up and down a number line.

Big Idea: Kinders get the functions of addition and subtraction confused! This lesson helps kids remember what they are supposed to do when they see an addition or subtraction sign.

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Math, mathematical symbols, Number Sense and Operations, addition, subtraction, Literacy in Math
  60 minutes
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