Reflection: Real World Applications Alphabet Probability - Section 1: Introduction


There is nothing more important than real world application of math, and probability is huge!  Think about it...research in medicine and social sciences are based in statistical methods that come from probability.  It is in politics, genetics, sports, weather reports and insurance policies.  The two areas our country is concerned about for future job holders are in math and science.  These fields are filled with statistics and probability.  

Not only do many job related fields need people well versed in statistics and probability but it is important to teach to children, of all ages,  because it allows learners to reason and make sense of experiences involving change and right now in this every changing world the only constant is change.  This is why the math practices are so important to teach math concepts.  While some math concepts only use one or two math practice, probability can be taught using all math practices. 

Here is another math question for you to ponder.  What is the probability that large hand print on my fridge came from the 6' fourteen year old in my house:0.

How long until I ask him to clean it off? 

  Real World Applications: Probability is Real Life Math
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Alphabet Probability

Unit 7: Probability
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to use probability and statistics to analyze the frequency of letters in the alphabet.

Big Idea: Why use a keyboard that is not the most efficient? Dvorak vs Qwerty

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