Reflection: Flexibility Scavenger Hunt!! Keeping an Eye Out for Nonfiction Text Features - Section 3: "Tracking" Down the Best: Whole Group Sharing


This lesson was totally intended to be something else but life happens!!  The resource for this lesson says exit ticket and I had totally intended it to be an exit ticket.  I did it first before my ELL students left so they wouldn't miss the lesson but it ended up taking the whole period.  I was fine with it because they worked the entire time plus I figured the more they searched through a newspaper, the more familiar with it they would become and they kept finding more and more nonfiction text features so I feel my time was well spent.  

There is a fine line between drawing out a lesson to kill time and letting something go because the students are truly engaged in the task at hand.  Flexibility is key!!

  It Is What It Is: An Evolution of a Lesson
  Flexibility: It Is What It Is: An Evolution of a Lesson
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Scavenger Hunt!! Keeping an Eye Out for Nonfiction Text Features

Unit 4: Climbing the Mountain: A Path to Understanding Nonfiction
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Objective: SWBAT find an example of a nonfiction text feature in a newspaper, identify it and explain how it helps them comprehend the newspaper.

Big Idea: Giving students access to real life print and letting them manipulate it will give them a more authentic understanding of nonfiction text features.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Nonfiction (Reading), interactive notebook, Nonfiction Text Features
  60 minutes
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