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So, I found that some students cannot write or spell the information they want to record in their notes. A word wall of possible defenses was created when I realized many students needed help spelling and writing. We simply gerenated some ways we already learned that animals protect themselves.  

The student that was confused: confused student work did not listen to direction or see the model I guess. This was the only example of not following directions. One way to avoid this was to make the t-chart in his journal for him. But, allowing everyone else to created their own gives them engagement in a higher order thinking activvity, since they are creating their graphic organizer. 

Many of my students needed me to use a highlighter and write what others wrote. Then the students trace my handwriting. You can see this in the modified work.

  ELL Students: Modifications
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Observing Horses

Unit 1: Similarities in Animals
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWBAT record observations and make inferences about how horses use their external body features to stay alive.

Big Idea: Allow students to make observations and inferences regarding horse behavior in the natural environment.

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