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I mentioned in the video clip that I stumbled across a differentiation possibility that was truly exciting.  We've all been in this situation in the beginning of the year:  some kiddos are so "green" when it comes to school stuff that holding a pencil and literally "taking in" all the brand new information is overwhelming to them;  other students seem almost ready to try 1st grade material!  The beginners need extensive time and attention, and it is truly rewarding to help them progress towards "catching up."  But what to do with the confident, experienced kiddos?

By using 2-colored counters, the matching "4" to 4 counters activity became a decomposing 4 activity.  Since these little guys are needing something to do after successfully building 4 so quickly, I don't provide a "how-to."  Rather, I show the option of using both colors and challenging them to make 4 in different ways!  Kids love a good challenge, and it was so rewarding to see kiddos who would normally be sitting, waiting patiently for me to come view their perfect work, to be engaged and pursuing their challenge.  A couple of my fast finishers figured out different ways to make 4, and a couple struggled a bit, but all students were challenged.

Is decomposing 4 technically a different activity?  Sure, it is.  But the students are still showing 4 and labeling it.  They're just working on a more complicated process!

  Extending the Counting/Labeling Activity
  Extending the Counting/Labeling Activity
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Fabulous Four!

Unit 7: Introducing... the Numbers!
Lesson 4 of 18

Objective: SWBAT identify, write, count, and represent the number 4.

Big Idea: Number sense is so important... & so tricky in the beginning of kindergarten! Here's a hands-on, playful, but meaningful & challenging set of centers to practice 4.

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