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After observing students in their team roles, I knew immediately the next mini-lesson should be explicit teaching of particular student talk that would support student success in cooperative learning groups or "teams".  On the day before their was a lot of arguing and students working uncooperatively with each other.  It was good for me to see the students and the particular struggles certain groups were having due to the personalities of the students and the compositions of the teams.  I intentionally created mixed groups and the assignment of the jobs or roles was random.  In a couple of the groups the "leader" was a student who is in the process of learning what a leader does and says.  So I am very excited to see the student growth in their social and emotional skills as well as their academic and language skills through the addition of cooperative learning teams for a part of each day.


  Shared Expectations: Expert Groups
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Expert Groups

Unit 7: Historical Fiction- Slavery and the Civil War
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Objective: SWBAT generate examples of student talk around the four team jobs.

Big Idea: Hmm.....what can I say now to move our team toward our goal?

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