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One of the biggest joys in my life is music, and using it to manage the classroom helps make my day easier, as well as break up the monotony for students.  To find a song with the right length in time, I sort my iTunes by "Time" and then scan the songs around the length I am looking for.

I usually use instrumental music in class, either jazz or classical, as research shows that lyrics can interfere with student internal self-talk.  Depending on the activity, I will try to pick songs by tempo to affect mood.  Since today's activity is not terribly exciting, I chose two very upbeat songs.  However, the second song in this lesson has lyrics.  A possible instrumental alternative is "Incident at Neshabur" by Santana, although the mood is drastically different.

As the year progresses, students will suggest songs to me.  My steadfast rule is that the language must be school appropriate if there are lyrics.  If it is instrumental, I'll judge it myself.  Often, kids will email me YouTube clips asking "can we use this in class?"  I try my best to honor these requests to help build student ownership, and at the same time expose myself to some newer music and artists.

  Managing with Music
  Joy: Managing with Music
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Unit 1: Atomic Structure
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Objective: SWBAT interpret and use data from Rutherford's gold foil experiment to deduce the nuclear structure of the atom.

Big Idea: Kinesthetic and visual experiences for students re-create Rutherford's experiment.

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