Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Stringing Strings with Stringy Strings (A Project) - Section 2: Starting the Project


This project can be done in many ways, but there is a basic layout for accepting multiple media formats as illustrations of strings. 

  1. I plan to scan student work if it is done on paper, but if strings are made online, students can email them to me. 
  2. Students also need to email me a link to their video (created most likely on iPads with the educreations app) or submit some type of written explanation.
  3. The final product for the book will be digital. In the book one can click on any string to watch a student video and/or read a student explanation surrounding the math in the string. 
  4. The book will be cataloged as a future study guide and shared with family and posted online. 

It is an endeavor that requires organization, planning, and patience, but it is an important project with respect to helping students understand how mathematicians do their work in real life. 


  Plans for Supporting the Project
  Writing Across the Disciplines: Plans for Supporting the Project
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Stringing Strings with Stringy Strings (A Project)

Unit 11: Law and Order: Special Exponents Unit
Lesson 6 of 17

Objective: SWBAT to use patterns to explain some basic properties of exponents

Big Idea: Students utilize the math practice standards when they are given a chance to collaborate and share their work

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Math, bases (Exponents), exponents / powers, Exponents, exponential relationships, Strings, string, properties of exponents, Math 8, exponentiation, Laws of Algebra, skill development
  60 minutes
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