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The concept of fact families is extremely challenging for young children, but a great way to help the kids understand the relationship between quantities and the numbers that represent them. Fact families allow kids to make deeper connections. Starting with number towers made of snap cubes (you may want to do just that for a few days) and working their way to the numerical representation for the actions done with the towers is the most beneficial way to approach teaching fact families because it builds a conceptual understanding of how the numbers are related. 

Some students will struggle with this concept throughout the unit. Continue to work with those students in small groups and one on one. Although they may not see the connections clearly by the end of the year, the exposure to this concept prepares them for greater success with number sense in years to come.

  Save this unit for the end of the year!
  Rigor: Save this unit for the end of the year!
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Put Together and Take Apart

Unit 14: Fact Families
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: SWBAT identify equations in a fact family by building towers of numbers and taking them apart and putting them back together.

Big Idea: While fact families are not required in kindergarten, it is very helpful for the kindergartners to be exposed to them to support the depth of learning they will experience in first grade.

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