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Because I spent so much time with the multiple choice, we didn’t get to this.  At some point during the multiple choice I had to go all in with it, recognizing that this wouldn’t happen.  I won’t pick it up tomorrow due to the time it takes and the emphasis I've placed with students on completing their reading of Shop Class as Soul Craft for tomorrow; I''ll save the activity for some other free-writing instead when it seems appropriate for them to do so (a free-write where their ideas may be vastly different, and therefore interesting for everyone to read everyone else's responses, and to mix-up the class structure a bit).

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  Adjustments to Practice: We Didn't Get to This Activity
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Transitions: Language Study

Unit 4: Thematic Unit: Education
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Objective: SWBAT identify clauses in a sentence by locating verbs and subjects, and use close reading strategies to assist in answering standardized multiple choice questions.

Big Idea: With multiple choice questions, clues to the best answer are hidden in the words of the questions and the answer choices.

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